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It may be the only place for fat women and men find real relationships. If a person is shy because of his complexes, then it will be hard for him or her to get in the circle of life by himself. The is a specialized agency for lonely singles that want to recover from lost love or on the contrary, seek for first love and new impressions. The match of the character plays a big role in relationships. That is why people seek love on the internet. Over 14,000 people thanks to advanced matchmaking process are able to choose the best suited character for them to avoid future misunderstandings. The 7 years of practice and tons of successful stories showed that the users are not afraid to reveal their true forms. The basic packet of features is available to members with free trial access while registered members with premium accounts get the full control over the dating process. The difference is in the features and options available. If free membership has a limited chat and email access, the premium user gets unlimited emails, video chat, photo uploads, advanced search and matchmaking by email. The male and female % on the website is almost equal (46% men/54% women). All the privileges come with a price that is dictated by the service and come with several options: starting with $29.99/month and a possibility to upgrade to a year membership.

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  1. Since I was a little girl I was not skinny, so my parents were calling me cupcake or their sweet little donut. When I was small it was kind of funny, but when I went to school kids were mean to me, so as a result by the time I was finishing the school I was hating myself and feeling miserable. So I joined, in order to find same people like I am, and we the hope to make some friends. But on I have found much more than friendship. I have found Michael who became my everything. We got married six months after our first meeting. And after giving birth to our child I lost my weight significantly, and now I look quite skinny, though the weight doesn’t really concern me anymore, my husband loves me anyway I am. So miracles do happen on