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  • Price one of the popular website, yet VIP service for singles. Service requires no special skills to get started. Website offers its services since 2009 with the minimum price compared to other, more classy online services. All new members can find out about the rules on how Caribbean dates work. Every country has its own principals. More than 14,563 active members are logged in every day. All profiles are checked before the registration to protect members from ignorant scams and get the data for better matchmaking. Even thought free trial gives a small understanding about the service, all meaning comes after the upgrade to the premium account. The real cost of the upgrade starts at $20.99/month with the pack of special features such as voicemail, web-cam chat, phone calls, live chat with friends, blogs, online magazine, photo uploads and even photo rating which gives not only the possibility to rate a photo but also to advertise personal webpage of the user. Website is powered by CupidMedia and secured with McAfee.

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  1. Hello everyone I am Kelly. After having a cruise around Caribbean islands, I simply fall in love with this region, so that is why I decided to join And as many other times in my life my intuition didn’t let me down, and I made one of the best decisions in my life when I joined it. I met
    Carlos after five months of being on the It turned to be that he was the captain of the ship on which I had the cruise, I realized that when he invited me on the board of the ship. It was a wonderful surprise for me, and at the same time I took it as a sign that it is fate. For him it was difficult to find his soul mate as well as the majority of time in his life he was spending while being in the open sea. I and Carlos would like to thank for helping us finding each other.