Does my hookup have a girlfriend: 5 signs someone is not single

Does my hookup have a girlfriend: 5 signs someone is not single

Men know how to make us think we’re their only lover. It surely isn’t always true, maybe in 10 percent of cases but not more. Well, there are 5 ways to detect whether your hookup has a Filipina girlfriend.

  1. Being busy in prime time. If he is never available on weekends or during his vacation, it means he’s taken. It’s just not fair if he sees you only when his girlfriend is at work.
  2. Being very tidy after sex. Single men simply don’t care how they look after hookuping. But taken men clean themselves and their clothes way too thoroughly before leaving.
  3. Being on his phone non-stop. Since it’s a hookup, some guys do not find it necessary to find excuses for endless texting in between sex. It’s often a sign of his relationship.
  4. Certain habits in a bed. If he doesn’t care much about satisfying you individually and remains focused on the habits he already formed, it might be because of his girlfriend.
  5. Interrupting the meeting. This one is the rudest sign of the relationship elsewhere, since a guy suddenly leaves in a middle of sex without explanations. He must be hurrying to her.


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