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One of the best Japanese matchmaking agencies with more than 130 000 registered accounts. Website offers to its clients the option to browse through the profiles for free and to communicate with any user they like. Website is in business for 9 years. This long period made him very popular among the foreigners due to popularity of Japanese girls. Website covers the region of Japan however people from American, Brazil and other countries can build relationships with Japanese personals as well. Big choice of members profiles, video profiles and video introductions. Several types of promotion sets are available at the upgrade page. There is free and paid registration with additional options affordable. Average price is $ 29,99 p/month. A year subscriptions is available for both Gold and Platinum sets. Video profiles, free browsing, photo uploads, huge chat rooms, group creation, picture voting and rating is a standard set of features that are included in Gold or Platinum subscription. Sign-up process is simple and yet very detailed. The online application form requires real information from the user. Members can read successful stories from the couples, who have found their love thanks to Japancupid.com.

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Like all Asian women, single Japanese girls are addicted to their devices and sometimes remain online for 24/7 to find their special one. They are fun to talk with, and very flirtatious.

Exactly Japanese women have started the Asian trend to look like very young girls, and they keep this relay race. So if you are a young beauty admirer, try Japanese dating today!