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Service is 10 years old and works with the resident of Malaysia. makes a significant part of the Cupid dating network. Approximately 30 000 signed up singles from all Malaysia and 2 000 singles from other European countries. Members with the upgraded accounts can look through the profiles of women and men manually. If that is a problem then there is the advanced matchmaking service for fast and accurate search. The online dating agency serves only for one purpose; “Help singles find a perfect match and make everything possible for them to build a successful relationship”. Several hundred meeting arrangements were made. A year subscriptions is available for both, Gold and Platinum accounts. Video profiles, free browsing, photo uploads, huge chat rooms, group creation, picture voting and rating is a standard set of features that are included in Gold or Platinum subscription. Sign-up process is simple and detailed. The online application form requires real information from the user. Web-cam chat will ease the communication between the members that are thousands miles away from each other.

It’s true that Malaysian women date with the perspective of marriage. Even if you never discussed that between you two, she still hopes and considers such an ending very natural.
Do not disappoint her. If you after hook-ups only, do not be rude or vulgar. Stay respectful till the end, then you will be able to breakup calmly when needed. They are too intelligent and too amiable to make a drama.
Malaysian women are also very trusting, and do not bother you with their jealousy like girls of other nationalities do. They do not make a revenge, and do not even show their negative emotions.
For sure, any American man exhausted by purely American divorce, and other westerners are happy and relieved to date Malaysian women. It’s so easy to deal with them, and they always tell what’s on their mind.
Malaysian women are very far from what you call the gold digging. They are raised with good values and do not turn to typical sugar babies no matter how little they earn.
Many call Malaysian women a budget variant of wives, but they expect a bit more than Filipina women do. They aren’t the money wasters, but they want a future family to be very well provided.
However, a Malaysian woman can start with you from the very start, and overcome all the career path with you side by side, supporting and encouraging you as their beloved man.
If it sounds like something you would like to experience, go on and find a single Malaysian woman to cherish! We’ll help you with the best dating tips and useful information.