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Asian dating service that rather being popular among Asians is really popular with American and European singles. More than 30 000 upgraded accounts with Gold subscription. The minimal price for a month subscription is $29.99. is an international dating service that helps Asians to find a soul mate within European and American regions and capitals. A year subscriptions is available for both, Gold and Platinum accounts. Video profiles, free browsing, photo uploads, huge chat rooms, group creation, picture voting and rating is a standard set of features that are included in Gold or Platinum subscription. Registration method is very simple. The online application form requires real information from the user. Web-cam chat is a new solution that solves the distance relationships between members that are thousands miles away from each other. Advanced matchmaking will help to choose a match even by such criteria’s as age, region, appearance and character.

Singaporean girls are easier to date than Asian girls of other nationalities. Simply because they are successful and well-provided enough to not treat you like their personal ATM machine!
It differs them from the rest of women on the planet. They have a great taste, and they have their own sources.
Of course, Singaporean women expect you to look decent, shave nicely, and wear high-quality accessories while going out with them. But at least, they do not expect you to decorate them like a Christmas tree, with the most expensive jewellery.
But isn’t that pleasant to invest into your own appearance and style? Guess, you should enjoy this process! Singaporean women have an exclusively good taste and will gladly help you to shop for better clothes or shoes if needed.

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  1. Hello people, I and John have decided to write a review for the people who are ready for a serious relationship and who are seeking for a real life, just like we were looking half a year ago before we met on I guess if we would enter than we would probably never even meet each other, as we both are very shying by our nature, and the most difficult thing for us is to start a new conversation with a person we don’t know. Since being a little girl I was very shying, and was always afraid to say something in order not to make people around me laughing at me. Same story was with John. When we started chatting on, it was just so easy, I felt like I have known him for many, many years, and John said that he was feeling the same thing. So when we met in person the awkward moment lasted for not more than five minutes probably. Our advice is to keep looking for the one and only person, and never to accept something less than deserved.