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More than 45 000 Asians choose as their dating service The service offers matchmaking and dating services for Vietnam singles and foreigners. Since 2005, is a part of the Cupid network and during this time hundreds of successful couples engaged in marriage. The rules and policy can be found at the main page. Every day over 10 thousand people are logged in. Completely all profiles go through a strict check before the registration. It is an extreme necessity to protect members from ignorant scams. This is a regular rule at Cupid network. Free trial gives a small understanding about the service. The upgrade to a premium account starts with a small price $29.99/month with the pack of special features such as voicemail, web-cam chat, phone calls, live chat with friends, blogs, online magazine, photo uploads and even photo rating which gives not only the possibility to rate a photo but also to advertise personal webpage of the user. Website is powered by CupidMedia, one of the largest dating networks on the web and secured with McAfee.

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  1. On I entered after visiting Vietnam as a tourist, I should say that I was amazed how nice are people living in there (due the things I heard about the war in Vietnam I was imagining that I will come in a place that is almost totally destroyed and looks more like a desert, than like an oasis. So after I came back home to Michigan I decided to find a website through which I can meet some Vietnamese friends, and found Two years have passed since that time, and I should say that each new person I am becoming a friend with is still able to surprise me with something. And it is just wonderful and so refreshing. Not a long time ago I began communicating with Shrishtee, she is student from Vietnam who lives like 160 miles away from me in the campus. When I met her she was so nice and positive, that I began talking and visiting her more and more, now I am selling my house in order to move closer to her.