Ways to increase a response rate on a free hookup dating site

Ways to increase a response rate on a free hookup dating site

How to get more responses on a free hookup dating website

If you’ve recently joined a free hookup dating site, perhaps you’re still wondering whether you’ve done a right thing. There used to be a certain stigma attached to online hookups and dating, but fortunately its long gone. No longer do people consider someone who’s trying to find a partner online a loser.

Singles of all age categories, social status and sexual preferences put their profiles up hoping to find a compatible person for a casual hookup, a long lasting romantic relationship or anything in between.

But the problem is, lots of them get quickly disappointed when they don’t get the kind of response they expect. If you’re one of these people, don’t worry, there are ways to improve your response rate on a free hookup dating site.

Here are a few recommendations on how to make people want to reply your messages and expressions of interest.

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Select the best possible photos

Hookup profiles with pictures attract up to eighty percent more replies than pages without them. When a person has no picture in their profile, one tends to suspect that something is wrong with them or they have something to hide. You should have at least one close up of your face and one full body image.

Avoid mirror selfies (especially in the bathroom), shirtless photos, revealing and overly sexual snaps, group photos, pictures with your ex and images of you wearing a hat, sunglasses or helmet.

For better results, ask your fiend to take a photo of you – this way you won’t look so rigid and your smile will appear more genuine. Having a smiling profile picture is one of the factors that will certainly improve your response rate.

Make sure the horizon line is not tilted and there are no strange angles. Photographs on a free hookup dating site are usually very casual, so there is no need to use the services of a professional photographer. But if you are not satisfied with pictures you and your friends take, perhaps it would be a good solution.

Above all, make sure the pictures you upload on a hookup site are recent. There is no use posting a picture of yourself ten years ago. It’s rather misleading, and if you’re going to met a per son from this site face to face, they are bound to be disappointed at the sight of an older version of you. It’s better to be honest about who you are and how you look to start with.

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Avoid one-liners and excessively long messages

If you’ve ever wondered what the phrase “Less is more” is supposed to mean, messages on a free hookup dating site are a good example. If you send someone a huge email telling your entire life story, the chances are it’s not going to be read.

If you keep it shorter and touch upon only the most important things, a person is more inclined to read and it and respond. Besides, a little bit of caution is not put of place on hookup websites.

You communicate with strangers, and there is no need to give out too much information. A person shouldn’t know your physical address or credit card details, for example. No need to tell them the whole story of your unsuccessful relationships either.

That said, one-liners won’t do either. No one likes receiving generic messages like “Hi beauty”, “Hello, how are you”, “What’s up?” and so on. This may you’ll never increase you response rate, but, on the contrary, will make sure to receive hardly any messages at all.

So, the key is to walk the middle path: your messages should be neither too short nor too long. And it goes without saying that they should be interesting and engaging regardless the length.

Avoid clichés and stand out of the crowd

If you like the nature and outdoors, travelling and eating out, if you care for your family and want to be happy, that’s all great. But it’s not very useful information, because everyone else likes or wants these things. It’s hard for a person to find something to say when they read a profile filled with fluff. Therefore, they decide not to say anything at all, and simply leave you wondering why your response rate on the free hookup dating site is so low.

Instead, it’s strongly recommended to focus on something unique, eye-catchy and thought provoking. No one wants a hookeup with a boring person who is just like anyone else. If you’re just another guy who loves travelling, it’s not going to attract a girl’s attention. But if you volunteered in Africa, climbed the mountain Everest, git shipwrecked in the Arabia sea or anything on the sort, she may ask you to tell her more about these fascinating experiences.

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But of course, it’s not only exciting things you should write about in order to start a correspondence with a person. What we are trying to say, it’s important to provide details for each of your statement. The statement “I like music” is anything but informative, but “I like music, my favourite band is Per Shop boys, try to guess my favourite song” is something else altogether. A person feels not only intrigued, but also challenged, and the chances that they will write you a message are significantly higher.

Send a follow-up message

If you like a particular person and they look like a perfect match for a great hookup, don’t give up easily if they don’t respond. Give them a few days and send a follow-up message asking whether they got your mail.

Tell them you were genuinely impressed by their profile and would like to get to know them better. Sometimes a person is too busy to reply at once, and after a few days they either forget about your message, or it gets pushed down by mails from other people. By sending a follow-up message, you’re demonstrating that you’re really interested in a person.

That said, you shouldn’t be irritating either. If they don’t reply again, don’t even think of bombarding them with messages and stalking them online. Just move on with your life – there are plenty of great profiles on any free hookup dating site.

Follow these tips, and your response rate is bound to improve. All the best!