The cons of Sniffies: Top reasons to avoid gay quickies on Sniffmap

The cons of Sniffies: Top reasons to avoid gay quickies on Sniffmap

Cautious gay singles may get curious about the cons of Sniffies. Right, quick sex with strangers always has its pitfalls, and one should learn to deal with them if he’s into the game.

No serious relationships

It’s obvious, the Sniffmap app is never, ever for LTR. Tinder and Grindr are nearly marriage-minded sites comparing to this naughty source only meant for raw anonymous sex.

Do not have a crush on your hookup, the main rule of adult dating says. It’s true for gay quickies on Sniffies as well. Some LGBT singles even laugh at the possibility of love at first BBJ.

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It’s not a social network

Today’s culture is focused on the person’s ego. We got used to self-expression in social networks, with endless selfies and our creative skills’ promotion. It’s the opposite to Sniffies.

Folks meet there purely to relieve stress and sexual tension, without even getting acquainted. The more animalistic yet refined you are in your quickies, the better it is for you.

No guarantees for safety

The Sniffmap app is safe, in regard to technical means and no data storage. But among the cons of Sniffies, you are the only one responsible for contacting strangers online and in real life.

Try to proceed with all safety means and measures used in Internet acquaintances. It makes no sense to ask for people’s health certificates of course, but at least, be careful and reasonable.

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BlackPeople Meet is an online community of African American singles. Users can create a profile that includes their photo, hobbies, interests, and even search for local black singles.

As you may know, Africa is very diverse and because of that there are so many different races and ethnicities in America. That’s why you can find profiles on black people from all over the country. If you want to find love through this site, just make sure that you sign up for the free dating sites or else it won’t count.

My Kinky Kitchen is another exceptional free app that you can browse free on the Internet.

Users can search for different members with the same key words. After you’ve done that, you can view profiles and add friends. My Kinky Kitchen has an excellent user base and users get to chat with each other via webcam. If you want to connect with other black homemakers

Sniffies app

Eharmony has a great gay and lesbian dating community. Users can use the chat option to chat with other singles as well as send messages to other people in your list. If you’re looking for a convenient place to meet someone, then Eharmony might be a great site for you.

Another popular dating app that comes from the gay online dating scene is GayWinks. Users can browse the profiles of gay singles or send messages to those in their list.


  1. If you’re looking for more options when it comes to the gay online dating scene, then you should try GayWink.

  2. Users can browse the profiles and send private messages to other members if they find them interesting.

  3. They also get to know more about the other members by visiting the ” Clubs ” tab on the gaywink site.

  4. To see other members and send private messages, all that a member needs to do is click on the club’s icon.

  5. GayWink also has a “Bumble Boost” button which gives the gay online user a boost in the bumble count.

  6. Dating site patrons will also find that gayWink is an exclusive and private dating site.

  7. Members have the option of uploading their own profile and photo to increase the chances of finding a date.

  8. The “Seeding Center” allows users to search for other profiles using keywords such as “Buddies,” “Sleuths,” and “Bridges.

  9. ” Members can also see other profiles in their own category; hence, if they’re looking for romance, they can simply choose ” Relationships” or ” Companionships.